Service Plan

The Centre's service plan will be divided into three board categories, including:
1. Referral Services
.Referral of individual cases
   (Provide referral services for those in needs to the related organization)

2. Development Education Services
."Mentorship For Youth" Programme
    .Training for Mentors
    .To offer whole-person care and pastoral work
    .Experiential activities (E.g. Food Recycling Experiential Day, Visiting families / adolescents etc.)

. “Chill Corner” (monthly gathering)

.Live Library (personal stories of how to overcome life challenges)

.Live Movies (sharing and discussion)

3. Community Education Service
.Life Education for schools

.Themed community activities

.Pre-Employment Internship Programme

.Sex Education

.Volunteer service

.Charity Concert

.Research and publication

.Overseas Exchange